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Advocate calls for Tanzania to more HIV / AIDS assistance for the elderly.

Advocate calls for Tanzania to more HIV / AIDS assistance for the elderly, provide nurses – called Anna Mshigwa, CEO of Tanga Elderly Women Resource Centre, on Wednesday, the Tanzanian government more money and support for HIV / AIDS services for older people specific provide , especially the ones to provide the to children. Of the disease, the orphaned Guardian / IPP Media reports After Mshigwa, older people in Tanzania do not receive sufficient recognition for the role they play. Than caregivers of children affected by HIV / AIDS In addition, campaigns to raise awareness of the disease usually on young people, and reports of HIV in Tanzania often not enough data about the impact of the disease in older populations, said Mshigwa.

60 percent of 60 percent of the orphaned grandparent grandparent-headed households , adding that women are more likely than supervisors. After Mshigwa, Beyond have low income and hence experience difficulties supporting their families and grandchildren. Older nurses have the right to receive support from the government, for the vital service they offer, whose parents died from HIV / AIDS, she said. She added that nurses often very challenged, their health and that of to keep under their care , and therefore are vulnerable to HIV / AIDS themselves.. Dollar. Proposal would TennCare for ‘Uninsurable ‘Residents Tennessee Rep. Joey said: ‘ and Sen. Jim Bryson have restore restore a law that TennCare eligibility for about 67,000 former recipients, who can not get private health insurance would be proposed, because of pre-existing medical conditions the Tennessean reports.China are expected to says as much as 24000000 men more than women in the coming 10 years, A recent study, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the AP / Washington Post. The imbalance is follows from severe family planning law that limit the most Chinese couples a kid, and an traditional preference for male heirs many pairs many couples to finish pregnancies female fetuses, according to the Reg. / mail.

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