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On the run on the run.

On the run on the run, But do not sit close to the people, are not in danger, but in danger, but the CDC urges health authorities to contact them as well, to ask them, test and make calm her.

According to the WHO, one in three people in the world infected with dormant TB bacteria. People get sick if active active, what can happen if the infected person ‘s immune system is weak, for example by catching HIV, or other reasons. It spreads from person to person when an infected person coughs, sneezes , or close enough to to the other person breathe in some of the active bacteria spitting. TB primarily affects the lungs.

The CDC people people over the passengers who were now exposed a risk to a risk to others because TB takes a long time, which is plenty of time for the passengers to be affected are and get tested..BPC 2007, The Medicines Labyrinth:. Will balancing risk and advantages of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain organized in the academic program produced in collaboration with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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