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In particular, the study describes a new route for the traffic flow of proteins from the reticular / Golgi system where glycosylates, compared with the chloroplasts of plant cells. Some of these glycosylated recombinant proteins significant antigenic power of great pharmaceutical interest.

The researchers analyzed the function of the mutant proteins, it is determined that it is the trigger segment of the protein kinase , which was in the center of the defective enzyme function.Even though to the article discusses the weight loss achieved by currently products licensed as a modest , there is seen that as compared with those treated with placebo even the modest quantities of weight loss is an advantage, particularly in patients with risks development of development out of type 2 diabetes .

Weight loss by only what 5-10 percent has been shown that owned with a 20 percent mortality reduction are associated with all-cause, 30 percent of diabetes deaths due to, 50 percent of of obesity cancer deaths and 50 percent reduction in the risk of of developing type 2 diabetes.

30 percent response to the Articles about obesity drug reached Modest Weight Loss The British Medical Journal recently released an article that says which the most of the out of obese ‘ moderate ‘ loss of weight. Below is the reply from Sanofi-Aventis.