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Marketed in the U.

Marketed in the U.S. Gets FDA approval to market generic hypertension drug’We have received four ANDA approvals in the last 5 days and have two of the these extended-release pharmaceutical formulations,’said Dr. Habil Khorakiwala, Wockhardt Founder Chairman & CEO of Group. ‘This is definitely a reflection of Wockhardt. The R & D capabilities in indigenously developing such products ‘.

ProACT the second of two studies the Company is initiated. Dendreon recently announced it was enrolling patients in a 40 – subject, single-center study called NeoACT started or P07-1 conducted conducted at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Dendreon Initiates second of two New Phase 2 Trials Of PROVENGE for prostate cancerDendreon Corporation today announced that the Company has initiated its second of two new Phase 2 studies PROVENGE , Dendreon investigational active cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.Barish and Evans also wore to a similar the University of California conducted by researchers at the University of California, in Los Angeles and published in the same edition of PNAS. Using any other murine model in order to imitate the development of atherosclerosis realized, and to UCLA researchers even more pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which reduce the number of the aorta lesions of up to 70 % of.

As Barish, clinically formed endocrinologists, warns that the extrapolation from mice to humans has naturally accompanied by complications, he believes drug switching on PPAR delta the potential of for obesity, insulin resistance and related cardiovascular protecting risks.