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Wireless Pacemaker Shows Promise in Early Trial: MONDAY.

31, 2015 –A small, wireless heart pacemaker showed guarantee in early lab tests and could offer an alternative to conventional, wired pacemakers, researchers statement. Experts say, however, there are still some safety issues with the new device. The wireless pacemaker is mounted on the heart utilizing a catheter inserted through a leg. Traditional pacemakers use a generator and cables, and they require surgery to be implanted. The scholarly study included 526 patients, average age nearly 76, in the United States, Canada and Australia. During the first six a few months of use, the cellular pacemaker showed ‘good protection and dependable function,’ according to lead investigator Dr. Vivek Reddy, of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, and colleagues.CornerStone recently began concentrating on materially improving its operational performance and plans to continue building on this achievement by streamlining the organization, increasing manufacturing automation, and pursuing a number of growth initiatives, including adding new item features and expanding distribution stations. Sun Capital has prior encounter in the nutraceutical industry with previous affiliated portfolio business Elan Nutrition, a producer and formulator of snack and nutrition bars, which nearly doubled income and improved EBITDA from a reduction to solid, positive double-digit performance during its ownership by an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners. CornerStone is a market innovator that has all of the ingredients for long-term success, stated Marc Leder, Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners.