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They face a poor physical and functional impact from the diagnosis as well as from the procedure with emotional and interpersonal challenges. The main issues rely on the stage of the disease. In the early phases there are no physical problems and patients dread the treatment complications as incontinence and impotence. Within the last levels of metastatic disease patients have problems with fatigue and pain. In both categories we have to deal with anxiety, depression, loss of body image along with social and economic concerns. Health related quality of life tries to quantify the qualitative perception of the patient of his physical health and function and his responses to these challenges.Clarus conducts public opinion surveys, focus organizations, branding studies and mass media research. Dr. Ron Faucheux, who teaches at the general public Plan Institute at Georgetown University also, heads it. To learn more, visit Study Sponsored by Tatum LLC Companies turn to Tatum when important business problems arise because we immediately deliver monetary and technology operational experience via solutions customized to the Office of the CFO. We leverage nearly 1,000 executives and consulting experts nationwide to accelerate results and create more worth.