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Announced today that it has resubmitted its AZ-004 New Medication Application to the U.

Food and Drug Administration in response to a Comprehensive Response Letter received in October 2010. In addition to the data from the original NDA and extra analyses of some of these data, the AZ-004 resubmission contains brand-new data from the effectively completed human factors study, stability data from new production batches manufactured last year late, updated manufacturing and controls sections addressing findings from the business’s Pre-Authorization Inspection, and updated draft labeling and a comprehensive REMS proposal.. Alexza resubmits AZ-004 NDA for treatment of agitation in schizophrenia patients Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.When we turn back the pages of background then we find just how many of our favorite superstars and musicians have dropped their lives due to drug abuse. It is for the global globe to witness just how much pain the family members and the people around them went through, when these amazing people died because of unwanted usage of drugs. We are sometimes faced with extremely difficult situation which we find hard to handle and we resort to drugs, people often forget using drugs doesn’t really solve any problems. When you have been using drugs, then consider a drug addiction cure as quickly as possible. When you are seeking a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program for yourself or someone you care about, make sure you have some questions answered, the relevant queries like how effective will the procedure be, is it well worth the price , how long will the procedure last, how much role can the friends and family play? Basically, the addiction treatment program should adhere to some basic points such as, they program should fulfill your psychiatric and all kinds of medical needs.