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9-11 commission presented with recommendation on emergency preparedness Lee H.

Business continuity identifies the ability of companies and companies to maintain or return to normal procedures after a disaster, terrorist attack, or various other security breach. The 9-11 Commission will consider this recommendation in preparing its final are accountable to Congress and the elected president. It has been over 31 months since the 9/11 attacks. May be the time to plan Now, prepare and build partnerships, said Hamilton. The task that ANSI did over the past 90 days together with the personal sector and government in developing this recommendation exemplifies this endeavor. Voluntary standards can help in protection of possessions, disaster recovery, and crisis preparedness, and so are critical to national economic and security passions, said ANSI CEO and president Mark W.One can start with just a few minutes and build-up slowly. Remember to breath and focus one’s applying for grants peaceful ideas. One final suggestion is quality food selections. While many say that refreshing is best, don’t underestimate the quality of frozen foods. Most are flash frozen within hours of harvesting from the oceans or fields, so the nutrition are dense and of high quality. Prepare one’s meals with love and pleasure as this can translate into worth for one’s soul as well as nourishment for the body. Begin the meal with an instant of silence to bless the food, offer a prayer, and display gratitude for the full life this meals possesses. Quarter-hour of silence for prayer or meditation.