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Two theories of melamine contaminationI give two theories to describe the melamine contamination of the products. Obviously, the contamination could not be due to the packaging and developing of the product, because the melamine levels within U.S. Infant formula products greatly exceed the expected amounts from such production and packaging. The next two theories might explain the additional degrees of detected melamine. Theory #1: The infant formula can be adulterated with melamine This is what happened in China: Infant formula manufacturers added melamine to their milk proteins to mass up the product without adding much cost . Because melamine’s chemical profile is strikingly equivalent to milk protein, it can fool simple protein analysis tests and appearance to end up being legitimate often.It really is chosen when pregnancy is because undesired sex or rape. Failure of contraceptives may also result in pregnancy ‘accidents’. Or simply, a woman isn’t ready for motherhood. Sometimes, being pregnant can be ectopic and abortion is recommended when there is any injury to mother’s life. Despite the whole hullabaloo about this procedure, it really is used world-wide at a growing rate. Although many people think abortion as a sin, they don’t hesitate to opt for it when mother’s life is endangered.