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Heart Patients Worldwide Missing Out on Key Drugs: TUESDAY.

In India, however, a lot more than 80 % of communities, urban and rural, had access to the drugs. While affordability was an presssing issue for under 1 % of households in the richest countries, it emerged as a issue for 25 % in upper middle-income countries and roughly thirty % in lower middle-income countries. The drugs were possibly unaffordable in about 60 % of households in low-income countries, including India..Robert S. Zeiger, M.D., Ph.D., David Mauger, Ph.D., Leonard B. Bacharier, M.D., Theresa W. Guilbert, M.D., Fernando D. Martinez, M.D., Robert F. Lemanske, Jr., M.D., Robert C. Strunk, M.D., Ronina Covar, M.D., Stanley J. Szefler, M.D., Susan Boehmer, M.A., Daniel J. Jackson, M.D., Christine A. Sorkness, Pharm.D., James E. Gern, M.D., H. William Kelly, Pharm.D., Noah J. Friedman, M.D., Michael H. Mellon, M.D., Michael Schatz, M.D., Wayne J. Morgan, M.D., Vernon M. Chinchilli, Ph.D., Hengameh H. Raissy, Pharm.D., Elizabeth Bade, M.D., Jonathan Malka-Rais, M.D., Avraham Beigelman, M.D., and Lynn M. Taussig, M.D. For the CARE Network of the National Center, Lung, and Blood Institute: Daily or Intermittent Budesonide in Preschool Children with Recurrent Wheezing Recurrent wheezing episodes in preschool-age children are usually triggered by respiratory tract infections,1,2 which often progress to severe exacerbations requiring systemic glucocorticoids3 and frequent usage of health care services.4,5 In children under the age of 5 years who acquired at least four wheezing episodes through the earlier year and positive values on the modified asthma predictive index ,6,7 the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Expert Panel Statement 3 recommends the initiation of long-term daily inhaled glucocorticoid therapy8 on the basis of the benefits of the Childhood Asthma Analysis and Education Network Prevention of Early Asthma in Kids trial .9 In a post hoc analysis, investigators in the PEAK trial found that daily therapy with inhaled glucocorticoids most benefited children who acquired had at least one exacerbation requiring emergency or hospital caution during the previous year.10 Daily usage of inhaled glucocorticoids in the PEAK trial was connected with a little but significant reduction in height growth, as compared with placebo, a reduction that was just partially reversed throughout a 1-year observation period following the discontinuation of study treatments.