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Each received $40.

AFER congratulates the first Genentech AMD Fellowship recipients ARVO Foundation for Eyes Study congratulates the initial AFER/Genentech Age-related macular Degeneration Fellowship recipients – Balamurali K. Ambati, MD, PhD, and Stephen H. Tsang, MD, PhD. Each received $40,000 to aid their age-related macular degeneration research and will be honored at the 2012 ARVO Annual Getting together with on Sunday, May 6, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. We are thrilled to provide funding to these youthful investigators to advance knowledge and fundamental mechanisms of AMD, particularly since this is the first time the ARVO Basis has given awards to foster study, said AFER Chair Nicolas G. Bazan, MD, PhD, FARVO.When these initial findings had been examined in a big series for sufferers, ATM mutations were present in four of 166 topics with pancreatic tumor but had been absent in 190 spousal control subsets. Klein said that knowledge of the presence of the ATM gene may lead to better screening for pancreatic cancers, the fourth most common reason behind cancer-related death. However, there are no recommended screening tests currently. Many doctors use endoscopy as a screening tool for pancreatic cancer, but researchers are evaluating this system in clinical trials still.

Alarmingly high rates of obesity and smoking found among Pacific Islanders University of Michigan studyIn the first study to detail the health of Pacific Islanders surviving in the United States, University of Michigan researchers have found alarmingly high rates of weight problems and smoking.